eMCee Tee eX Tee

… BRAND NEW !!! SMS enabled freestyle rap! Sneak Preview from my studio!
Working with The 1shanti, we gathered together some of New Yorks finest MC’s to take your input live on the fly and kick it out in their voice. MC’s are fed a text message then they freestyle, then they are fed another message and so on, eventually handing off the mic to another MC keeping the flow fresh. Think about it, how much would McCain love to deliver his speeches with Obama’s charisma and voice. Well come see your message dropped on the crowd in the voice of some of NYC’s bravest MC’s.

This is just the beginning! Come check out the FIRST LIVE event at BLVD on Friday July 25th, 10 pm.

MC’s involved: NYC, Jah-C, Folk Lore, and Baldi.

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