AK - Tee eX Tee (working prototype)

A machine gun for shooting your mouth off. Working prototype of the TXT Assault Rifle. Load in a text message (sms), pull the trigger of the AK-47 and trigger a laser to pop off (being tracked by a camera) and shoot your text message on the wall.

Concept: Paul Notzold | Created by: Chris Sugrue, Ben Bacon and Paul Notzold

AK-Tee eX Tee / Prototype from paul notzold on Vimeo.


A mash up of Theo Watson’s eyeballs, and my interactive thought bubble. Performed at Les Grandes Traversees festival in Bordeaux France.

I C U from paul notzold on Vimeo.

The Secret of Happiness

Results from an Interactive Installation that asks participants to finish the phrase ‘The Secret of Happiness is…’ via text messaging and Ganesh delivers them as his own. This piece was a collaboration between Myself and Shepard Fairey’s Studio Number One. Display animated by Mass Ideation. It appeared at the Supper Club & Spread Artculture Magazine event at H.Wood.Tea room in Los Angeles 07.20.10


Speak to God

What better way than to project on a converted church, that is now a residence (which we found out later). This all went down on a beach in Royan France. Part of Les Grandes Traversees festival. And many thanks to my assistant Emilie Jung, seen on the beach below.




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Requiem for a Thought

The strange character lurks along the wall while people in the street text message into it’s thought bubble. The interactive bubble reveals the characters inner thoughts, as it tracks the characters movements. This collaboration piece involved myself with Jared Gradinger and Pictoplasma. This piece was made during Les Grandes Traversees festival in Bordeaux France in July of 2010. Programming help from Rob Eberhardt



Interactive Animated Captain America

Pulling frames from the 1960’s marvel animated classic series, The Return of Captain America, is now powered by your text messages. An audience sending in text messages triggers the movie frames to play forward and places their sms as the next line of dialogue. This piece was first shown in April 2009 at Le Ferme du Buisson just outside of Paris.

la ferme1laferme7
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Oh if only tiger woods had this piece, he could have sext’d in private. In this full motion interactive sex projection the audience text messages in the thoughts of the woman painted gold f***ing. I couldn’t have shot this piece without the open minded actress Cara Provenzano. The piece has been making it’s rounds from NYC to France. Kool Keith enjoyed her so much he had her open his concert at the Gramercy/Blender theater in 2009.  Video is in French and English

artsee1 artsee2
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Chelsea Art Museum

March 7th, Saturday night at the Chelsea Art Museum. Actors in the windows paired with SMS created dialogue sent from passersby in the street. NYPD swung by to check it out, they are huge fans.

Performances by Anna Fikhman, Ellpetha Tsivicos, Noah Miller, John Zurek.

Special Thanks: Sam Bardaouil, Till Felrath, Gemma Lumley, Nicollette Ramirez, Louisa St. Pierre

The video is put to the song ‘Skeleton’ by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s.

Salt Lake City, Utah

‘The Only Certainty, Death and TXT’s’ Interactive Installation commissioned for The Leonardo for the Body Worlds exhibit in SLC. It ran from from October 08 - January 09. While people were working through the lines to the exhibit they could pass time by making a 30 foot projection of a skeleton speak by text messaging in the dialogue. The skeleton animates into different poses when it receives a text.

Special Thanks: Kersten Swinyard, Dennis Evans, and Alexandra Hesse
…and the only reason we pulled this off were the countless volunteers that kept this running for 4 months!

Skeleton animation done by Miguel Sanchez

The Only Certainty, Death and TXT’s from paul notzold on Vimeo.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

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10 Nights, 10 Cities, 4 States, 1 Obama Road Trip ’08!

For the past ten days my friend Soren Sorensen and I criss-crossed Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and PA working for the Obama Campaign ground game… I’m happy to say we had a clean sweep of the states we visited, though Indiana was a toughy. Here are some of the results from the interactive projections we put up in the cities we swung through. Participants were invited to text message up to the display, answering the question “I’m Voting Because…” The content was sent in from people on the street showing there support for new possibility.

Along our trip we were called faggots, socialists, communists, terrorists, and witnessed Obama stickers being torn off of cars at rest stops. We met all the negativity with polite smiles and recording equipment. BUT this is not par for the course, we were greeted with thank you’s, cheering and positive support from A LOT of wonderful people. We spent Halloween on the Ohio State University where the local campaign office created a dance party in the streets. People were excited out here, and there was electicity in the air.

More updates and a thorough recap of the trip coming soon. Some photos below:

From State College Pennsylvania… Slightly pre-mature on Monday night, but more than appropriate now!!

mission obamplished


Pittsburgh, PA:

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