Want to know when and where this will happen next?

Shoot me an email and I’ll put you on the list. Do you have a good location or venue idea?

+ = coming up or happening


+ Arts in Odd Places (AIOP)

NYC. Public Art Show all along 14th st. in Manhattan. Performances happening the night of Oct 1, 2, & 8.


+ Of, By, & For

CAC Gallery, Cambridge Arts Council. New Work by Daniel Peltz and Paul Notzold (September 7 – November 19, 2010) 344 Broadway, 2nd Floor, Cambridge MA.


Fort Wayne Museum of Art

Saturday March 27, 2010 9pm-2am. Putting on an interactive piece for an opening night event. Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Fort Wayne Indiana.


Kool Keith Concert

Opening interactive display for the legendary artist.


Chelsea Museum

Public projection using actors in the museum windows. March 07, 2008


The Leonardo - Salt Lake City

Commissioned to do a giant interactive skeleton for the Body Worlds exhibit. October 2008 - January 2009


Obama Campaign Roadtrip

On the road for Obama. October 25 - November 3rd 2008


The Square - Brussels Belgium

The Square celebration - September 17-19 2008



Thursday October 9th. 10 pm at Public Assembly


(Calgary, July 19, 2008)

TRUCK presents: TXTual Healing July 19, 2008. Reception and first projection site begins at 8PM at Ideal Art Space @ 202 17th Ave. SW


London (June 26 - 27)

Working with Channel 4 of England, I will be putting up speech bubbles to encourage people to talk about street crime. With the help of Shola Amoo we will be dong on street interviews as well.


Brooklyn Museum (May 3, 2008)

I was invited by the Brooklyn Museum to update some Utagawa prints with some interactive speech bubbles. I set up my new urban projection cart in the lobby of the museum and projected the prints with an interactive make over during the Museum’s First Saturday event.


Austin, Texas (April 23 - 26)

Invited to do a piece for Mike Judge’s Animation Show I’ll be hitting the town a night before with bubbles, and then showing an interactive news broadcast.


Milan, Italy (April 15th)

Hitting up the opening party for Milan’s Design Week, doing an interactive video piece, you create the thoughts of a woman riding through nyc in a taxi. Should be a good party. I should also be hitting the streets of Milan the weekend before.


Brooklyn, Corner of Smith st. and Pacific st. (Oct 31 7:30 pm)

Happy Halloween everyone! In honor of such a great celebration (dead people are people too) I will be projecting the interactive story TXT of the Living Dead. What would you say if Zombie’s were chasing you? Re-write the classic Romero horror flick Night of the Living Dead by text messaging in the next line of dialog and watch the story play forward.


University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (Oct 25 7:30 pm)

Giving a talk at the Kelly Writer’s House . After the talk I’ll be putting on TXT of the Living Dead on the Penn Campus.


Noisiel, France (October 19, 20, 21)

Temps D’Images show at La Ferme Du Buisson… just outside of Paris.


Toronto, Canada (October 29 from 7pm - 7am)

As part of Nuit Blanche I’ll be participating in the Infinite Exchange Gallery in the Kensington Market area of Toronto. Bring an item to barter for the artwork.


Los Angeles, California (September 13 - 16)

The debut of TXT of the Living Dead at Wired Magazine’s NEXTFEST.


Williamsburg, Brooklyn (September 14, 8:30 pm)

As part of the Conflux festival, Adam Chapman will be showing Drip TXT on the corner of North 4th and Roebling.


Munich, Germany (September 3 - 5, 8:30 pm)

Memory in Motion, Art in Public Space. With the Directors Lounge



Bucharest… June 2-7 then Bistritz in Transylvania… June 7-14
Invited by Florin Tamas, I’ll be taking part in the Stompan festival in Bistritz. I’ll first be hitting Bucharest where the multi-talented Oana Felipov will be my gracious host. Drop me a line if you are in town and want to know where we are.


Artist Talk… The inards of TXTual Healing and mobile projecting (Sat May 19th)
It’s a geek fest for people that are into mobile media, in particular mobile phones. I’ll be giving a lose talk about how I see the direction of mobile based art work going and what it means for interacting with our physical environments. I’ll also be showing the gateway that I developed for proejcting text messages. lovely…


Artist Talk… The inards of TXTual Healing (Sun May 6th)
Giving a little presentation for the Mobilized! NYC conference.


ROME, Italy (March 1st & 2nd)

For a show curated by Fabio Campagna I’ll be projecting at Rialto Santambrogio on the night of March 2 as part of the Urban Portraits event.

March 1st I’ll be hitting the streets of Rome, probably in the piazza campo dei fiori and behind piazza navona.

March 3rd I’m going to try and hit the colosseum.

On Feb 28th we’ll try and hit San Lorenzo (near the station Termini).

Come Play… draw and text!

Contemporary Museum of Baltimore (January 21 - April 22, 2007)

CELL PHONE: Art and the Mobile Phone. I’ll be putting up the bubbles on the opening night January 20… I will also have an installation piece in the gallery for the run of the show. more info


11 Spring St., nyc ( 6 pm, Saturday, December 16)

I’m jumping in on the celebration of street art facilitated by wooster collective… My truck was towed so we’ll see how I pull this sucker off… Don’t ever get Geico insurance…


Warehouse Theater, Washington D.C. ( 7 pm, Tuesday, November 7th)

Dropping a txt bomb on DC for Warehouse Theater’s show Shock & Awe: An Artists Look at War. It will be election night, so it’ll be interesting to feel the vibe. Warehouse 1021 7th Street NW 202 783 3933


DUMBO, Brooklyn ( Saturday, Oct 14)

Putting up the bubbles as part of the DUMBO Arts Center Festival. Should be a great time. I’ll be set up in front of the WATER STREET RESTAURANT & LOUNGE. 66 Water Street, DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York


Sacramento State U of Cali ( All of October 2007 )

I’ll be installing ‘One of You Will Betray Me’ at the gallery on the UC Sacramento campus starting Oct 1. This will have online instructions for EVERYONE to SMS in content. You’ll be able to send in SMS’ from all over the world and in any language. Instructions coming soon.


Long Island City, Queens ( Saturday, Oct 7)

Putting on a show with the Flux Factory I’ll be doing some projecting out in front of their joint


Sacramento ( Saturday, Sept 30)

I’ll be putting up the bubbles to see what the locals have to say. Special props to Susie Kuo who’ll be helping me on my whirlwind tour of Northern Cali.


San Francisco ( Friday, Sept 29)

I’ll be swinging into SF for one night. I still don’t know where the bubbles will go up, so let me know if you have any suggestions.


Rotterdam, NL ( Friday, September 1st)

Hello Moose Magazine, Absolut Invasion. Putting more bubbles up in Holland.


Philly Fringe Festival, Philadelphia, PA (September 1st - 16th)

Philly Fringe Festival. I brough ‘One of You Will Betray Me’ to my home city. I only got to see it in action once, but it was definitely a success.


Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn ( 8:30 pm, August 4th )

Bringing it back to my ‘hood’. I will be putting the bubbles up on the corner of Smith and Dean in Carroll Gardens. With help from Bar Tabac we should have a good show and a good audience. Come hang out, get a table, have some drinks and share/create some thoughts. lots of good topics in the news to chat about.

Directions: Take F train to Bergen St. stop… exit, walk with traffic on Smith, it’s one block away…


Beijing, China (July 10 - July 27)

Put up an installation at the Code Blue : New Millenium Dialogue with some of my crew from Parsons (Sven Travis, Ben Bacon, Walid Mohanna). After the opening when all the artists went out for celebratory dinners I projected on the outside of the museum to the enjoyment of the people in the nearby park.


Amsterdam (Thursday, June 8)

Through some help from the AIGA conference I was put in contact with Fiona Kluck who is going to help me on Thursday night in Amsterdam. We have a few places scouted out, should be a good time.


Hamburg (Monday, June 5th)

Went out projecting with Stephan and the boys from Shipyard. After managing to steal power from a locked public electricity terminal, we set up the project on a restaurant cart and it all turned out to be a really great night.


AIGA, MOVE3 Conference NYC site

Saturday May 20th, 3:30 pm
I’ll be presenting this project as well as putting up a text message interactive interstitial for the audience to play with before Cory Arcangel speaks.


Peer Gallery, NYC gallery

526 West 26th St., Suite 208
May 23-June 2, 2006 (Opening Reception Tues., May 23, 6:00-8:00 p.m.)

Since it’s a gallery installation I’ll be trying out the silhouettes… should work out nicely. Come check it out and introduce yourself.


Brooklyn/Carroll Gardens/Corner of Smith & Douglass Sts

(F train to Bergen, walk 4 blocks against traffic on Smith)
Saturday 05.06.06 (8 pm-ish)

THANKS FOR PARTICIPATING! The kind folks at wooster collective hooked me up with front page press, so I put together a performance. It was a great night. As things calmed down around 10 pm it was just me out there, but the content in the bubbles was now changing on its own. People had taken the flyers with them, but kept sending text messages. It was great to see it take on a life of it’s own. Special thanks to Priyank Batra and Mary Behr, my AV squad for the evening. And thanks to Noah Silverman for sending in photos.


Hoyt & Douglass

Saturday 04.29.06 (8 pm-ish)

Outside my apartment. Using 2 bubbles. GP (gowanus projects) kids were in attendance.

Red Hook
Tuesday 04.25.06 (8 pm-ish)

This event was rained out
Using the empty walls of the warehouses this will be the debut of the character sihouettes.

Carroll Gardens Brklyn
Thursday 04.20.06 (7:45 pm)
Corner of Smith and Douglass sts. (view building)

THANK YOU ALL! For coming out and participating, special thanks to those of you phoneing in from elsewhere.

An insanely special thanks to ivee ‘leadfoot’ feraco, christina ’steady cam’ rueegg, kelly ‘cruise director’ lafferty, and Wendy ’shutterflysnapfish’ Cassidy. So great!