Cell Phone Photo Pieces

Hey, so I’m throwing a couple photos that I took using the camera on my cell phone. Besides the text messaging projects, I’ve been doing a lot cell phone photography and video. I’m finally getting around to sorting through some of them to post on the site. I fell in love with the color and grainy results when you open them to a larger size.

The First Casualty of War is Truth.

Think about how many ‘moments’ are being captured in such a low resolution. The “poor” quality of the images compared to the hi quality of where camera technology is, represents a desire to accept anything as the truth. Why is it that the ‘truth’ can be sold these days with such little effort? It’s similar to the shrinking language enabled by communication technology (ie. text messaging, instant messaging, tv, etc.) to deliver what’s going on in the world. The cell photo is a dotted on representation of a photo. The challenge is to figure out what the quickest way to convey or say ’something’? And these grainy pixellated beauties will represent a style treatment for the early years of the 2000’s.

Anyway, I also think they are pretty to look at and these are not manipulated after being taken from the camera.

In a bar.
In a bar.

a href=”http://www.txtualhealing.com/blog/?attachment_id=62″ rel=”attachment wp-att-62″ title=”In a bar.”>In a bar.In a bar.

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